Beacon gps receiver B20

Beacon gps receiver B20

Model No.︰B20

Brand Name︰CHC

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Beacon GPS Receiver B20 is beacon channel GPS receiver, automatically selecting the nearest beacon station signal. It can realize the navigation and surveying function without any investment of base station, and also have the ability of static surveying measurement. 
Beacon GPS receiver B20 can be generally applied in the offshore survey, river water survey, geodetic survey, field navigation, port construction, dredger construction, geodetic control measurement, ect.
  • No regional limitation: having differential function with both satellite differential and beacon differential, additionally being able to use self-built differential data source to provide high precision real time results without any regional limitation.
  • Easy to configure: switching the differential data source at any time, and checking the satellite and differential data status through the control panel. 
  • Strong compatibility: Easy to connect with many kinds of external equipments, such as Navigation Equipment, Radar, Echo Sounder, ect. 
  • Standard data output format: NMEA 0183 data format, and also the CHC self-defined data format. WINDOWS platform: providing the configuration software based on WINDOWS operation system. 
  • High output frequency: Maximum output rate is 20Hz, modifiable according to the customer requirements.
  • High precision: Being able to provide 1pps output rate.
 Technical Parameters
General Specification
Differential Position: Less than 0.75 meter horizontal RMS positioning accuracy (at least 5 satellites in view and PDOP <4)
Cold Start :60 s(no almanac or RTC)
Warm Start 1: 45 s (valid almanac, no RTC)
Warm Start 2: 35 s (valid almanac and RTC)
Hot Start: 20 s (valid almanac, RTC, and < 2 hours since last fix)
Reacquisition: <1 s
NEMA Information: GGA, GLL, GPS, GSA, GSV, MSS, RMC, VTG, XTE, ZDA and CHC special format information
MSK Beacon Dual Channel Receiver
Frequency Range: 283.5 KHz ~325.0 KHz
Band Interval: 500Hz
MSK adjustment: 50, 100 and 200 bits/sec
Signal Strength: 10µV/m minimum@ 100BPS
Physical Features:
Size: 14.5cm(H)X5.1cm(D)X19.5cm(W)
Weight: 1.0 Kg (Including two batteries)
External Power Supply: 10 -15 V DC
Working Temperature: -30 -+65




Storage Temperature: -40 -+75
Humidity: 100% condensing, unit fully sealed
Antenna Specification
GPS and Beacon Signal Integrated Antenna
Size: 18cm (D) X5 cm (H)
Weight: 0.55 Kg
Operation Temperature: -30  - +65
Humidity: 100% condensing, unit fully sealed.