Laser Distance Meter S2

Laser Distance Meter S2

Model No.︰S2

Brand Name︰galaxyz

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Accurate: 1 .5 mm to 60 m ( 1 97 ft )
Avoid costly mistakes and reduce rework.
Provides accurate corner measurements
Unit scans left and right and chooses the longest reading to minimize aiming errors
Long distance measuring up to 6 0 m ( 1 9 5 ft )
Accurately measure more area in less time compared to a 10 m ( 25 ft ) tape measure.
Small, compact
Lightweight, robust and easy to handle
Measure from a distance
Measure to hard-to-reach locations or in hazardous situations such as large heights, interiors of factory buildings, etc.
One-touch Keyboard interface
Graphic button shows the measuring function
Storing/adding of measured values
Holds 20 different readings (up to 60 measurements if using the Volume function)
Back lit display and visible laser sighting
Permits day or night usage and reduces downtime. Take measurements in poorly lit areas.
One person can measure quickly and accurately the first time.
Reduce labor costs and increase profits.
Built-in alignment notches
Helps aim the unit for a more precise measurement.
Indirect tilt measurement
Horizontal distances can be measured without problem despite nearby obstructions
Tilt measurements
Measure angles up to ± 90° with ± 0.4° accuracy at the touch of a button
Illuminated display
Enables measurements in dark rooms and with low daylight
Power efficient
Operates for over 1 year on A AA batteries and warns you when the batteries are low. Automatic shutoff after 3 minutes.
Multifunctional end piece
Measures from both flat surfaces and out of corners
Designed like a construction tool
Sealed to IP54, letting you work in the rain. Designed to withstand a drop of up to 1 m ( 3 ft ).